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Theos install tutorial

by OlyDJ

Do you want to be a iOS deveolper? It´s really easy to start if you follow this tutorial.

In this tutorial we gonna prepare our devices to let us compile our apps/tweaks. On next tutorials we could create our projects.

I have an old iPhone4 in 7.1.2 which I used to make this tutorial. It´s the same process for all devices... I assume you have instaled iFile or Filza, and MobileTerminal (from Karen Pinapple´s repo - http://cydia.angelxwind.net

Install Theos

    IGNORE THE FIRST STEP (Files are included in the zip you´re going to download) (If you want to code for iOS7 or iOS10 just follow this step and download you´re desired SDK)

    • 01- We need to download the SDK for the last iOS version (if you want to create something for the last version, of course...). So we must go to https://jbdevs.org/sdks/ and download iPhoneOS9.3.sdk

    • 03- To keep all organized, we are going to create a temporal folder to contain all needed files. So go to "/var/mobile/Documents", move that file downloaded before right here, and extract it. Now you have the downloaded file and a folder with it´s contents.
    OlyDJ OlyDJ
    • 05- Install "APT 0.6 transitional package", "Perl", "Rootify", "LLVM+Clang", "LD64", "iOS Toolchain" and "DarwinCCTools" (DarwinCCTools from CoolStar)
    • 06- With iFile/Filza go to our temporal folder and install "com.f4bul1z3r.easytheos_0.0.1-118_iphoneos-arm.deb" (It fails to configure it. It doesn´t matter, we solve it on next step). Do a respring.

    • 07- Open up MobileTerminal, type "su", and your password ("alpine" is default) (This step is needed everytime you open MobileTerminal after a Respring or Reboot). Now type "apt-get -f install" (this is to install the dependencies, which cause the error of configuration of the last step). When it prompts, type "y" to confirm, and again "y" to install those dependencies. Do a Respring.
    • 08- Go to Settings, scroll down and go inside "EasyTheos" preference. Enable "Install SettingsKit" and "Install header files" and push "Install Theos". Again push "Install THEOS and dependencies". You must do it throught a Wifi network. For me in 3 minutes it was installed. Wait until green confirmation, and do a Respring (That Respring button in EasyTheos preference is not working, just do a respring by another method). If something goes wrong just respring and repeat this step.
    • 09- Now we have Theos installed in "/var/theos". Open iFile/Filza and go to our temporal folder, and copy "theos" folder to "/var" (It prompts for overwrite, say Yes)

    • To start a new project just type "/var/theos/bin/nic.pl". It will prompt you by name of new tweak, administrator...

Next tutorial: Create our first simple tweak