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Bored about the expandable Control Center Connectivity module? This is for you!

XB-CCModules adds 12 new toggles that can be added (via Settings-ControlCenter-Edit) to Control Center. Then you can remove (Airdrop are not implemented yet) connectivity module and use them like iOS10 way.

3G-4G toggle needs XB-AutoNetwork tweak (BigBoss), which also comes with some interesting options to handle connections and save battery life.

Wifi, Cellular Data, Location, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Reduce White Point, Take Screenshot, Auto Answer calls, Hotspot, Kill all apps and Respring toggles (by now...). Also each toggle comes with double action (by long pressing) to open related settings page.

It uses CCSupport tweak as dependency.

v1.7.1 (Current)

- Added master switch to enable or disable XB-CCModules.

- Added Spanish localizations.

- Fixed BlueTooth toggle color.

- Fixed some bugs in Preferences.

- Fixed minor bugs.



- Added a an alert after install and respring (only once) to remove preferences file in case of freezing issues.

- Added Kill all Appswitcher apps toggle. Thanks mr.oren.mor@gmail.com!.

- Fixed minor bugs.



- Fixed Refresh State. Now toggles doesn´t refresh twice (which sometimes makes device to get freezed).

- Minor bugs.



- Fixed icons not showing in ControlCenter Settings.

- Fixed "OnlyOneIcon" option not working properly.

- Fixed icon sizes for iPad-iPhone. Added icons properly (Some icons needs an update... Thanks opa334!).

- Changed Toggles folder to the correct one (Thanks opa334!).

- Fixed minor bugs.

- Added Hotspot toggle (Not the right way to accomplish it, but functional).

- Added option to resize toggle´s contents (icons and backgrounds).

- Fixed some color options not working depending on current settings.

- Fixed Hotspot not working when Location is enabled.

- Fixed some bugs where some toggles could enable themselves.

- Icons in Settings-ControlCenter recoded from zero. Live icons, background color taken from toggles selected color (also there is no need to have all that icons, so package is more light now).

- Added option to resize toggle´s icons.

- Added option to resize toggle´s background.



- Fixed issue where Preferences is not working in some cases.

- Fixed bug where CellularData toggle does not work if XB-AutoNetwork isn´t installed.

- Fixed bug where Respring crash some other tweaks.

- Fixed bug where power options alert is showed twice.

- Fixed minor bugs.

- New Auto Answer Calls toggle (Speaker is not enabled automatically yet...).

- New 3g/4g connection toggle (by installing XB-AutoNetwork) (2g/3g and 2g/4g toggles are in progress).

- Added LowPowerMode longpress gesture to open Battery settings page (by request).

- Added to CCVPN toggle (KingPuffdaddi) longpress gesture to open VPN settings page (by request).

- Added option to not colorize toggles (apple stock). If Disabled, the selected colors affects to icons instead of background (by request).



- Added preferences panel.

- Added option to show only one icon (not "OFF" image).

- Added option to select random background color.

- Added option to select custom background color for each toggle independently.

- Added option to make XB-CCModules toggles circular (by request).

- Added Reduce White Point toggle (by request).

- Added Take Screenshot toggle (by request).

- Code cleaned.



- Added Respring toggle with Reboot, SafeMode and PowerOff options when longpressed.

- Code cleaned.



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